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Professional Marketing Solutions

Internet marketing can be challenging to even the most sophisticated company. Today’s advertising environment tests your business with electronic and interactive marketing technologies. Our objective is to find the best solution for your application and a process to measure the success of the program.
We will analyze and evaluate your current situation including current web site design and performance, efforts to drive traffic, effectiveness of customer support, success in reaching your target market and what your competitors are doing. We identify what processes can be improved by using various technologies and can help your in-house staff engineer solutions or use Bray Design resources to improve the process.

Solutions might include Web Site Design, Online Catalogs, managed Pay Per Click programs, email marketing and eCommerce, tracking solutions, web site audits, Expert Reviews and SEO, as well as offline solutions.
We believe defined goals and a business plan are necessary to succeed online. Online business planning helps insure your Internet marketing success by connecting you with your target audience, clearly communicating what you want, and delivering the correct action from your user. Bray Designis a full service Internet Marketing Advertising Agency that can do it all or manage specific parts of your web marketing program.
Our hands on experience and ‘trial by fire’ from the earliest days of Internet marketing have given us the knowledge to help you succeed online. For your smallest project or a complete turn key solution, we welcome the opportunity to help your company make the Internet work more effectively for you. We can deliver increased cost-effective conversions and sales from your web site. We would be happy to provide you the names of some our clients and some case studies of our successful marketing programs. We look forward to talking with you about your Internet Marketing needs.